SMS is Back on Facebook Messenger, But Only on Android

Facebook has upgraded their messaging app Messenger with some new capabilities in an attempt to become the only messaging app you need.

Back in 2013, the company discontinued SMS support in the app due to lack of use. This feature allowed users of the Messenger to text their contacts with their phone number like they would with the built-in texting app they have already on their phones. However, Facebook must’ve found that users want the feature back, so starting today on Android, the social media platform is re-releasing the feature with some minor improvements.

Facebook and SMS chat threads are all separated, so don’t expect all your conversations to be grouped together like in Hangouts or iMessage and be able to go back and forth. However, it would be nice to see this ability added in the future.

To indicate which is which, Facebook chat threads are all colored blue, while SMS is a vibrant purple. If you’re a verified user on Facebook, you can select a custom image to appear as SMS threads with a little purple dot at the bottom right to indicate what type of chat it is.

By verifying your phone number via text message, you can use the new SMS feature in Facebook Messenger and sync all your other conversations you’ve had.

Version 75 of Messenger is where you’ll get the feature on Android, and while SMS isn’t supported on the build of the app for iOS yet, we might be able to expect it soon to arrive.

Will you be using Facebook’s new SMS feature in Messenger? Let us know in the comments!

Source: 9to5Google