Samsung’s Sending Invites to the Press About Their IFA 2016 Conference

Samsung has begun sending invitations to members of the press for their upcoming IFA 216 conference where the company will unveil new products to the world. However this statement sounds likely, it’s not necessarily accurate as we’re currently only expecting one device, and that’s the Gear S3.

Just looking at the image above will give you the impression that Samsung is indeed gearing up (no pun intended) to present their latest generation smartwatch, the Gear S3. With its clock hands presented front and center over everything else on the invite, a more reasonable guess couldn’t be given as the one mentioned is pretty on point (at least at the moment). Remember the Galaxy Note 7 event invite? That featured numerous styluses about the image. This gave us the biggest clue that the event would be for the Note 7, which it indeed was. So if we can trust Samsung’s past hints and teases within press invitations, we can assume that this new one is for people to gather to see the Gear S3.

We don’t exactly know what the new wearable will bring to the table to differ itself from the S2, however we are expecting a barometer alongside possibly an altimeter. We’re also looking for the rotary control bezel to make its way into the S3 which was first introduced as a standout feature on the S2. But other than that, we’re pretty much clueless.

Samsung’s IFA 2016 event will take place September 1st at 11:00. We’ll have full coverage of what Samsung unveils during and after the event. Stay tuned to MBEDDED for the latest leading up to the big day!

Via: Slash Gear