Samsung’s Rolling Out a Battery Life-Focused Update to the Gear S2

However the watch’s battery life isn’t exactly perfect right now, hopefully the Gear S2 will begin to last longer thanks to new software.

Samsung has begun to roll out a 4.85MB software update for the Gear S2 with nothing in the release notes but battery life improvements. The update comes with a tag of R730TUVU1AOL3 and will become available to most users within a couple of days.

gear_s2_3_unit_lockupUsers have been able to get at most two full days on a single charge with their Gear S2s with different settings changed to reduce screen brightness and performance, so hopefully this action can be reduced if not totally eliminated with the new update to give users 48 hours of battery life.

Let us know with a comment whether you received the update and are experiencing any changes or not!