Samsung’s Galaxy TabPro S Just Got Upgraded w/ More RAM, More Storage, and Plenty of Gold

Back at CES 2016, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy TabPro S that runs full Windows 10, includes a keyboard in the box, and packs plenty of heat like an Intel Core M. Now, the company is upgrading their tablet/laptop with a fresh coat of paint and new internals that will make the device look more appealing…


The new Galaxy TabPro S Gold Edition comes in one color and one color only: gold. There’s a gold body, gold keyboard – just about everywhere you look on this tablet there’s gold, hence the name. Luckily, this isn’t the only change featured in this device as this variant includes 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. For comparison, the standard TabPro S has 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. It’s worth noting a 256GB standard TabPro S is an option, but the new Gold Edition has this amount standard.

Reviewers who got to check out the original TabPro S were rather frustrated with the 4GB of RAM that’s used to power full Windows 10. Stutters were rather constant, while quite a few Chrome tabs would ultimately slow the entire machine down. With the extra 4GB on-board this time around, this problem shouldn’t be around very much unless you’ve got 50 tabs open at once which, by the way, no normal person has (sorry if you’re one of those very few people).

On the flip side, the TabPro S Gold Edition features the same 12-inch AMOLED display as the standard TabPro S alongside the same Intel Core M processor, 5MP front and rear camera setup, and 5200mAh battery. So really, there’s not much different between this model and the new Gold Edition. All it really comes down to is whether you need more RAM, more storage, or you’re a sucker for gold everything.

The TabPro S Gold Edition is available for $999, $200 more than the standard TabPro S, from Best Buy and