Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Could Come in Two Bigger Sizes, Both with ‘Edges’

A fresh report out of the Korean publication The Bell claims that Samsung’s upcoming 2017 flagship, currently known as the Galaxy S8, will arrive in two sizes. This is similar to how last year’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge came alongside this year’s S7 and S7 Edge. However, next year will be reportedly different as the site notes both phones will feature a dual-edge display, something entirely different when compared to Samsung’s previous strategy of releasing a flat-screened variant and Edge-screen variant. In addition, the screen sizes of both S8s will be increased… by a lot.

…analysts at a number of electronics industry analysts believe that Samsung Electronics made an internal decision to expand the screen of the Galaxy S8 model two more than before. Since last year, Samsung Electronics has been releasing the Galaxy S series in two or more models depending on the size and shape of the display.

Getting to those exact sizes, the “standard” Galaxy S8 will sport a hefty 5.7-inch display with curved edges. This falls in line with the recently deceased Galaxy Note 7’s screen size and is 0.2 inches bigger than the S7 Edge’s screen. In addition, the bigger S8 will sport a huge 6.2-inch display with curved edges, making it 0.5 inches bigger than the S7 Edge. This handset is also said to sport a near-bezel-less design thanks to a low screen-to-body ratio, a rumor recently leaked and again appearing in this report. All in all, it looks like Samsung is really trying something new here by shaking up their ever-so-popular Galaxy S lineup to look more appealing to both the tech enthusiast and average consumer who’s already had his/her feet wet in the Android/Galaxy ecosystem.

Regarding the names, VentureBeat claims that internally, the smaller S8 is currently known as “SM-G950” while the larger S8 is called “SM-G955.” The site claims that the two handsets will be sold as the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus.

While this is plenty of news to share in one article, we’re not done yet. According to VentureBeat‘s tipster who provided them with the above information, there’s also a device internally known at Samsung as “SM-N950.” If you’re not aware, codenames for Galaxy S devices contain the letter ‘G’ in them, while Galaxy Note devices sport the letter ‘N’. This could be an indication that Samsung is prepping a follow-up to the explosive Galaxy Note 7 that absolutely bombed on the market this year (yeah, I’ll stop with the puns now). There’s no doubt that the company will need to prove themselves trustworthy again to the general public, but if this feet can be accomplished with the Galaxy S8 duo, I don’t see why the Korean tech giant wouldn’t release something like a Note 8.

Overall, this new information seems promising. Hopefully Samsung’s future is bright and still leads to them holding the spot as one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers on planet Earth. But the first steps to take in order to keep this title are no doubt succeeding with the upcoming Galaxy S8 and S8 plus. Only then will we ever see a Note 8 and (possibly) the continuation of one of Google and Apple’s biggest competitors in the smartphone market.