Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Might Come with 3D Face Scanning and an In-Display Fingerprint Reader

Samsung has yet to unveil the next-generation Galaxy Note, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start looking to the company’s 2019 plans. According to Korean news publication The Bell, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 flagship will reportedly come with a 3D face scanning system and an in-display fingerprint reader. The company has apparently requested suppliers don’t produce any more iris scanners, indicating a change in the way you unlock a Galaxy S smartphone is about to be introduced.

The Bell says Samsung’s 3D facial scanning feature would compete with Apple’s Face ID system on the iPhone X. It isn’t clear how the system will work (likely similar to Face ID, however), but we do know Mantis Vision has partnered with the company to create the necessary algorithms for the feature to work. Notably, if this system proves to be too hard to produce, Samsung will likely switch back to including an iris scanner on the S10.

That being said, it does look like Samsung will finally introduce an in-display fingerprint reader with the next Galaxy S flagship. The company’s been rumored to include the feature since the Galaxy Note 8 so it’s about time for them to give the new technology a try in the S10. Of course, things didn’t work out before so the feature this time around could see the same fate, but at least it remains a strong possibility.

Additionally, the Galaxy S10 will also reportedly come in the same 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch sizes as the S9 and S8. Other specs like processors, cameras, batteries, and software remain unknown at this time.

We’re still a good while away from actually seeing the Galaxy S10 officially so anything can change. In the same breath, if these rumors are correct, we may be in for a pretty promising Samsung-branded initial offering for 2019.