Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is Probably the Brightest Smartphone You’ll Ever Look At

DisplayMate has released an interesting report which analyzes the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s display and gives us a look at just how powerful the screen really is. And according to them, this display is the brightest they’ve ever tested out.

Apparently, Samsung has built-in a display panel into the Galaxy Note 7 which can reach a brightness level of up to 1048 nits. Let that sink in for a second. That’s really bright. Even the easily-viewable-in-direct-sunlight display of the Galaxy S7 can only hit 855 nits. So just imagine what it’ll be like to look at your Note 7 directly in sun light.

It’s gonna get crazy.

Of course, even if you slide the brightness toggle all the way up, Samsung won’t allow you to reach the 1048 nit limit. This is due to the phone automatically adjusting its settings for better battery performance. However, in the brightest of environments, the Note 7 can, in fact, adjust itself for better viewing and eventually reach 1048 nits. But with two ambient light sensors on either side of the phone, it may be a little tricky to eventually get to peak brightness. Nonetheless, however, you can still expect to see your phone’s screen no matter what lighting condition you’re in.

Source: DisplayMate via 9to5Google