Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco May Be Cleared Up This Month

Last year, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was released, but was faced with a major problem: it erupted into flames. This lead to multiple injuries, two recalls, and the eventual suspension of production of the handset. When Samsung went to investigate what was the problem with the handset, the answer wasn’t entirely clear as changing battery types didn’t seem to work. However, a more thorough investigation has reportedly taken place, and the company is finalizing their findings.

In a new report out of Korea, Samsung is currently wrapping up a Note 7 investigation and their results will be published at some point this month. It currently isn’t known when this investigation began or how it was conducted, but we’ll likely learn this information when the findings are released.

We’ll also likely hear what Samsung will do to correct this mistake in the future. In order to gain their reputation back, the company needs to tell the public why the bug in the Note 7’s design was there and why it won’t be in future products such as the upcoming Galaxy S8. There’s also a good chance a big “We’re sorry” will be shared, but that was pretty obvious anyway.

Of course, if these results are released, we’ll let you know. On the other hand, take this report with a grain of salt as nothing has been confirmed yet by Samsung.