Samsung’s Foldable ‘Galaxy F’ Smartphone Will Reportedly Cost $1,700+

Samsung just unveiled its first foldable smartphone at a developers conference last week, and now, we’re hearing some details surrounding the company’s first foldable device that will make it to market. According to a report out of Yonhap News Agency in South Korea, Samsung’s foldable “Galaxy F” smartphone will launch early next year for a staggering price.

That price, as stated in the report, is set around 2 million won, or roughly $1,770. That’s a pretty insane price to ask for when it comes to a smartphone, but Samsung has previously stated it doesn’t plan on selling many of them anyway. In fact, the company projects it’ll sell just about a million of them which should be enough to make the Galaxy F name a decently-known brand which sits beside the Galaxy S lineup.

The report mentions the Galaxy F will launch in March of next year, with the new Galaxy S10 allegedly going on sale a month before. Between now and then, there’s plenty of time for more rumors and speculation to circle the internet so we’ll be sure to keep you posted on any future developments.