Samsung’s Bixby-Powered Smart Speaker Might Launch with the Galaxy Note 9

Today in a pretty big Wall Street Journal report, it’s said Samsung will introduce a foldable smartphone next year that could cost upwards of $1,500. Within that same report, another mention of an unreleased Samsung device was made: the mysterious Bixby-powered smart speaker. Mind you, we haven’t heard about it since DJ Koh confirmed its existence during MWC 2018, but it looks like the gadget could make its debut in the near future.

According to WSJ, the Bixby speaker will be introduced during the same event where the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Watch are expected to be unveiled. The speaker will cost around $300 and focus on music playback thanks to its high-quality playback. It’ll also reportedly feature “sound shifting” which allows the speaker to playback audio in the direction of which it traces back your voice so you get optimal listening conditions wherever you are.

It remains unclear for how when the speaker will launch, but if it does get unveiled during the August 9th event, there’s a good chance it’ll become available to purchase by the end of next month. Stay tuned.