Samsung Will Now Reward You For Using Samsung Pay

Samsung has announced that a new program launching this week will begin rewarding users of the company’s mobile payments platform, Samsung Pay. Called Samsung Rewards, every time a user makes a purchase with the method, Samsung will reward them with a certain number of points based on the amount spent. This is to make using the service look more appealing and hopefully create a larger user database since, right now, not many people actually pay for stuff with their phone.

As we enter the New Year, and look to the future of mobile payments, we want to build on the success of Samsung Pay by giving new users even more reasons to try it out – not to mention, thank our existing customers for using a service they already love. That’s why we’re excited to offer Samsung Pay users a first-of-its-kind rewards program for a mobile payments platform: Samsung Rewards.

Samsung Rewards works just like a points-based credit card rewards program. Every time you make a purchase with Samsung Pay, you earn rewards points.


To make things a bit more exciting, Samsung will also double your points in a certain way.

Samsung Rewards also allows you to “double dip” on rewards points – that is, with every credit card purchase made via Samsung Pay, you may be able to earn points, miles or cash back from your card’s issuer, as well as points toward Samsung Rewards.

In case you’re wondering what Samsung rewards you can obtain by exchanging your points, here you go:

Users can then redeem their points for Samsung products, vouchers for, Samsung Rewards Visa Prepaid Card value, and gifts cards to some of the country’s leading retailers.

You can also enter contests called “Instant Wins” to win trips to, for example, the Napa Valley or Las Vegas (at least that’s what Samsung says). Plus, for some users of Samsung Pay who use it the most often, the company will multiply the amount of points earned by two, three, or even four. It all depends on how often you use the service each month, so I suggest using it as your primary way of paying for stuff if you want lots of points.

Of course, for those of you who just like to show off to your friends that you can pay with your phone, Samsung has perks for you too by offering certain times and locations where you can earn the most points in one purchase.

You can get even more points through limited-time bonus offers. Samsung Rewards will partner with retailers and small businesses and give users seasonal opportunities to earn additional points – anyone who joins Samsung Rewards in November or December, for example, will receive double points on purchases made in those months.

As aforementioned, Samsung Rewards will launch this week for users of Samsung Pay. The company says that over the coming months, they’ll roll the rewards program out to other areas of their presence such as, S Health, and more. We’ll let you know when further developments take place.

Will you use Samsung Pay now that you can get rewarded to do so?