Samsung to Introduce Embedded Fingerprint Readers in Three Phones Next Year

Samsung is reportedly planning to introduce three different smartphones next year that all include a form of in-display fingerprint readers. This news comes from TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via 9to5Google) who has a long track record of correctly predicting upcoming smartphones and their features.

According to Kuo, Samsung will introduce three different models of the Galaxy S10, with two including embedded readers and one featuring a sensor mounted to the device’s side. Later in 2019, the company will unveil a new Galaxy A-series phone and the Note 10, both with in-display readers. That makes for three different series of phones where we’ll see Samsung implement the technology.

This rumor goes a bit farther beyond being just a rumor, however. Samsung mobile head DJ Koh held a press event today in China where he said the company refused to use an optical embedded fingerprint reader since it would provide a poor user experience. Otherwise, they could’ve implemented the technology a couple of years ago. Therefore, it’s likely Samsung will stick with ultrasonic sensors for its smartphones beginning with the S10, a bet we’re willing to make since Koh was quoted as saying a “better screen fingerprint experience” is coming to the next Galaxy S flagship.

We’re still a good while away from seeing Samsung’s 2019 offerings – besides, we still have to get through the Note 9 – so anything could change in the meantime. For now, it’s looking more and more likely the Korean giant will be among the first big players in the smartphone space to adopt in-display fingerprint readers.