Samsung Says the Galaxy Home Will Arrive in Q3 2019

After facing multiple missed shipping dates since its debut last August, Samsung has confirmed that it plans to begin shipping the Galaxy Home in Q3 of 2019. That means, in theory, it’ll start shipping in the next three months. The confirmation is thanks to a report out of The Korea Herald which cites CEO Hyun-suk Kim.

The Galaxy Home was confirmed to ship earlier this year by the end of April, but that obviously didn’t happen. It isn’t clear why it got delayed again and what caused the original shipment date push-back, but one can assume that Bixby simply isn’t ready for the smart home. I mean, it’s barely ready for smartphones. Why even bother putting it in your home over something like Google Assistant or Alexa? Heck, even Siri would be better.

Regardless, if you like Bixby and want a Galaxy Home, you should be able to buy one this summer. That is, if Samsung doesn’t push the release date back again.