Samsung Reportedly Fixed the Screen and Durability of the Galaxy Fold

A new report out cited by SamMobile claims to shed light on the design tweaks that Samsung has made in order for its first foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold, to not suffer the same problems pegged by reviewers.

The report mentions how the top layer of the screen will now be secured underneath the bezel surrounding the foldable display so as not to confuse consumers and convince them it might be a removable screen protector. Samsung will also shrink the gap at the top and bottom of the device to, hopefully, block dirt and debris from entering the phone and making its way under the screen.

If you recall, before the Galaxy Fold could go on sale, Samsung halted its launch date due to issues involving broken review units. Multiple media outlets reported issues with their devices, and since Samsung couldn’t come up with a fix in time, it had to delay the release of the phone. Since that time, not much information has come to light, but it now looks like the company has finally drummed up a fix for its problems.

A recent report indicated that Samsung will announce a new launch date for the Galaxy Fold in the near future. Therefore, it’s best to stay tuned to Matridox so you know when you’ll be able to buy one.