Samsung Releases Patch to Fix Galaxy S10’s Fingerprint Reader – in South Korea

Last week, it was discovered that the Samsung Galaxy S10’s fingerprint reader isn’t all that secure when you install a specific kind of screen protector. However, this apparently wasn’t a hardware issue and just something that could be fixed with software. Samsung said it would soon resolve the problem, and it looks like it has, at least in South Korea.

Android Central says users in South Korea are beginning to receive the patch that fixes the issues with the S10’s fingerprint reader. That’s great and all, but we have no idea when the patch will roll out to other territories, especially the US. This update is gonna have to go through carrier approvals, device testing, and a whole mess of roadblocks before it can even think about reaching end users.

In short: until the patch rolls out to your phone (and who’s to say when that happens?), don’t use gel-like screen protectors. Y’know, unless you want just anyone unlocking your phone.