Samsung: Over 1M People Are Using ‘Safe’ Galaxy Note 7 Units

Via a press statement to Reuters, Samsung has announced that over 1 million customers are currently using ‘safe’ Galaxy Note 7 units across the globe. This comes 27 days after the company issued an in-house recall for the device as many reports began surfacing detailing batteries within units of the handset beginning to overheat and eventually erupt into flames.

Although 2.5 million faulty Note 7s were released, 1 million repaired devices is pretty major for Samsung. It just goes to show you that they’re serious about this recall, hence they could get this many devices pushed out to customers in such little time. In fact, we should expect all 2.5 million bad units to be replaced by repaired ones by the end of next month (at least according to the current rate at which Samsung is manufacturing these phones).

Of course, there’s never any promise that these new Note 7s rolling out are safe. I hate to say it, but can we trust Samsung again? According to a recent report, we can’t, as one user’s supposed-to-be-fixed Note 7 exploded after a night of charging. Sure, there’s a possibility that this unit was actually an old, faulty one as no confirmations in that department have been made yet. However, we should nevertheless be on our toes until we’re certain that customers are safe once again with a Note 7 in their household.

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