Samsung Now Has a Huge 256GB High-Speed microSD Card

Samsung has unveiled a new microSD card. Sounds boring, right? Nope. This one has 256GB of space available on it. That’s the equivalent of 55,200 photos, 12 hours of 4K video, 33 hours of full HD video, or 23,500 songs.

Thanks, Donald.

The EVO Plus 256GB microSD card now stands at the top of the list of biggest microSD cards, with the previous biggest, Samsung’s 200GB card, now at second place.

This June is the time when you’ll be able to buy this microSD card with read and write speeds of 95MB/s and 90MB/s respectively. Samsung says a 10-year warranty will be included across over 50 countries where the card is available. The cost? $249.99. Save your money…