Samsung Introduces ‘Ice Blue’ Galaxy S9 for China

Nearing the end of the device’s lifespan, Samsung has reminded the world once again the Galaxy S9 exists with the introduction of a new color: Ice Blue. This variant comes with a light blue that seamlessly fades into a silver, arctic-like finish near the bottom of the back of the phone. This gradient styling is popular among phones overseas, with Huawei and OnePlus introducing variants of both the P20 Pro and OnePlus 6T in the region with similar finishes. This is the first time we’re seeing Samsung do it with one of their phones, however.

According to Samsung, the Ice Blue Galaxy S9 with 128GB of storage will cost 5,499 yuan, or around $790. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S9 Plus with 128GB of storage in the new finish will run for 6,499 yuan, or roughly $934. The company’s website appears to also mention the inclusion of a wireless charging station with the purchase of the device. Preorders are currently live, with the phone(s) shipping later this month.