Samsung Has Fixed the Galaxy Fold, Will Launch in September

The day has come, folks. After multiple delays, reports indicating everything’s fixed, and rumor after rumor suggesting various different launch dates, Samsung has officially confirmed its first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, will land this September. A press release offers up details about the company’s work it’s done over the past few months.

That work literally involved fixing critical issues associated with the Galaxy Fold. Before its original launch at the end of April, early review units suffered from damaged screens due to both unwanted debris and the removal of a crucial screen component that peeled like a screen protector. According to Samsung, the top layer of the Fold’s display has been extended so it fits underneath the front bezel to prevent confusion. Samsung also added a few new reinforcements to prevent debris from making its way beneath the screen. Finally, the top and bottom of the hinge have been strengthed with new caps.

Whether this will be enough to prevent further mishaps with the Galaxy Fold is unclear. The last time reviewers had a chance to play with the device was in April, and no one outside of Samsung has done durability tests. The company does say it will be performing additional tests between now and whenever it launches the fold in September, but it’s unclear if that will be enough to ensure durability once the device hits the pockets of consumers.

In the press release, Samsung also says it has done work on the Galaxy Fold’s software UI. Nothing further than refinements and optimizations where mentioned, so we’ll have to wait and see how much better the OS really is once the Fold is available again.