Samsung Galaxy Buds get multi-device pairing, Ambient Sound, more in new update

Samsung has begun rolling out an update to its original Galaxy Buds that were released last year. The update adds new functionality that bring them further in line with the new Galaxy Buds Plus that Samsung started shipping this year.

In the update, Samsung adds a number of new features, including multi-device pairing. Now, your original Galaxy Buds work with Microsoft Swift Pair which lets you quickly connect to a Windows 10 PC if they’re connected to another device. You also now get Ambient Sound which automatically adjusts the amount of outside noise you hear while listening to audio content. It works with both earbuds at once or just a single bud.

Finally, Samsung is adding Spotify integration. You can now touch and hold on one of your Galaxy Buds and have Spotify begin playing music. You can touch and hold once more for Spotify playlist suggestions.

These features are rolling out via an update that’s available through the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone.