Samsung and Google partner for Duo, Live Caption, and 8K video on the Galaxy S20

Today during Samsung’s Unpacked event, the company detailed a new partnership between them and Google which will bring new benefits to future Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip owners.

Right off the bat, the new partnership will give users tighter integration between Samsung’s hardware and Google Duo, the search giant’s video chatting app. The app will be integrated into Samsung’s own phone and texting apps, and Duo itself will be compatible with the Galaxy S20 and Z Flip’s wide-angle cameras as well as the Z Flip’s free-stop hinge for easier communicating. You’ll also be able to chat in 1080p, a capability not currently available on any other phone. Samsung says this is thanks to 5G since it’ll take faster speeds to deliver clear 1080p video.

The second result of this partnership has to do with Live Caption. If you’re unfamiliar, Live Caption is an accessibility feature on the Pixel 4 that can transcribe almost any audio that plays from your phone, even with the volume turned down. It’s a great way to watch videos without sound, and now, Samsung says the new Galaxies will be the first non-Pixel devices to benefit from it.

The feature will work exactly the same way it does on the Pixel. It works completely offline and can transcribe almost any audio, besides phone calls and music. It isn’t clear if the feature will roll out to older Galaxy phones, but it seems pretty likely that it will.

Finally, Samsung and Google have partnered to make sharing 8K video easier. If you didn’t already know, you can record 8K video with the Galaxy S20. The downside? You can’t really share it in full quality anywhere. That is, besides YouTube.

With another hats-off to 5G, Samsung says you can share 8K videos directly to YouTube while on the next-gen network. It’ll probably also work over Wi-Fi, in case you’re wondering.

With these features, the overall experience of using a Samsung phone will greatly improve, and if relations stay this positive between the tech giants, I can only imagine things will get miles better in the future.