Royalty45: The Mixtape Playlist is Live on Spotify and Apple Music

This week was a big week for Matridox and MBEDDED Media alike. We launched our second brand, Royalty45, as the newest way to follow the latest music news at the intersection of business and lifestyle. We even did a fresh batch of merch which, by the way, is super dope.

But we’re not done yet. Today, we’re introducing Royalty45: The Mixtape, a new playlist that features all the hottest music on planet Earth!

Available on both Apple Music and Spotify, Royalty45: The Mixtape will be updated regularly with hot tracks that you need to hear. Every Friday, we’ll be sure to blend in some of the newest songs to hit the charts so you can be on top of whatever’s fresh. Right now, the list is jam-packed with 25 songs that are all worth listening to. Of course, we’ll be adding even more and refreshing the list over time.

If you have a song you think deserves to be listed, tweet at us @R45Music. If we add it, we’ll be sure to tweet you and thank you for your submission.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out the official Royalty45 playlist on your favorite music streaming service now!