Report: OnePlus 8 line might launch in the middle of April

OnePlus might be launching its next series of flagship phones a bit earlier than usual. The company’s being reported today by Tech Radar as intending to release the OnePlus 8 lineup in the middle of April. Typically, OnePlus flagships are launched in the middle or end of May, but it looks like the company might switch things up and go back to its roots by launching its next devices during the month of April.

Of course, now comes the question as to whether the company will launch the OnePlus 8 series at an in-person event or via a livestream. Not only have we seen OnePlus do both in the past, but the latter seems likely at this point thanks to the coronavirus. After all, the virus is responsible now for the cancellation of Google’s biggest event of the year. Granted, the company could just allow local tech journalists to attend instead of opening it up to the general public, but even then the company poses a risk to any type of sickness spreading.

Regardless of what OnePlus chooses to do with their announcement strategy, it looks like we’ll be getting the OnePlus 8 sooner than expected. I’ll keep you posted if I hear any additional information.