Report: More Rumored Solo Spider-Man Film Titles Leak, “Homecoming” Seems Favorited

Just a couple of days ago, it was discovered that Sony registered a website domain called “” which, obviously, led to fans (including myself) thinking that this will be the title of the upcoming 2017 film starring Tom Holland. However, another report by BBC (via Ain’t It Cool) has stated that three more domains have been registered that are very similar to the one above which could indicate what the movie will be called.

spider-man-3-1200x632“, ““, and “” have all apparently been registered by Sony according to BBC, so right now our options are Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Coming of Age, Spider-Man: Greatness Awaits, and Spider-Man: Suspended. Fans have stated that these new names aren’t as good as Homecoming, however have also said this name isn’t even that great. I wouldn’t get my hopes up about these new names at least for the first film, as we’re bound to see a sequel made to the upcoming movie alongside a possible third installment. Plus, if demand is high enough, the studio may even produce a fourth, something Sam Rami tried to do with the original Spider-Man franchise but ultimately failed thanks to the lack of the money to do so.

It’s very unclear at this point what exactly the next Spider-Man film(s) will be called, however as we begin to get closer to the final release of the movie (currently scheduled for July 7, 2017), more and more details will surface and ultimately tell us everything we need to know about it.