Report: LG G8 Will Have an Optional Second Screen

LG is reportedly gearing up to launch multiple phones at MWC 2019 next month, according to CNET. Naturally, one of those devices will be the company’s flagship devices which is currently known as the G8. And in CNET‘s report, it’s suggested that at least one of these devices will come with an optional second screen, and there’s a possibility it’s the G8.

What’s an optional second screen, you may ask? According to CNET, the G8 (or one of LG’s other devices) will be compatible with a first-party accessory that, when attached to your device, will power a secondary screen, likely similar to the one featured on the LG V20 and V10. Right now, it’s unclear whether this accessory will be included with the purchase of your phone or sold separately, but oh my God do I have so many questions.

Like, seriously LG, what are you thinking? Do you think including a case (or whatever it winds up being) with your flagship phone (the most important phone in your portfolio) that adds another screen to your phone will help you sell more units? It just seems like another gimmick to make headlines for a week. You did really well last year with the G7 and V40 thanks to sensible members of your team actually including useful features like a Boombox speaker and one of the most versatile sets of cameras on a smartphone. Why are you now trying gimmicks that are sure to die by next year? Does anybody actually want an optional second screen? Would that be too much phone?

Please don’t go down the slippery slope of gimmicks your past is riddled with. I don’t feel like seeing you guys flop yet again.

Anyway, LG should unveil the G8 and other devices (and accessories, unfortunately) in just about a month so stay tuned.