Report: iOS 9.3 Bricking iPad 2 Units

People have anxiously been waiting the release of iOS 9.3 and for good reason, as it features Night Shift, new Notes security features, and overall speed and performance enhancements. However, some users of the new update aren’t so happy, and these users all have an iPad 2.


According to an Apple Support Communities thread, tweets to @applesupport, multiple social media posts across the internet, and emails to various technology sites such as ourselves, after the installation of iOS 9.3 on their second generation iPads, users have noticed that their tablet won’t activate properly under the newly licensed software. This could be simply because Apple’s servers are totally loaded and the fix for this bug is right around the corner, however more and more iPad 2 owners are saying that their iPads still aren’t activated even after 24+ hours.

However, it isn’t all bad news. Some users are stating that a simple established connection between the iPad and iTunes has solved the problem, while others are suggesting that such a method doesn’t work and that a full restore to the previous version of iOS via iTunes is the way to go. This, of course, erases a user’s data entirely, however this looks to be one of the only ways of repairing, at least for now.

We’ve reached out to Apple but haven’t received a response yet on the matter. We’ll update this post when we do hear back, however.

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