Report: Google Says Their VR Platform Daydream is Coming Within ‘Weeks’

A Bloomberg report claims that Google is currently finalizing certain touches and tweaks for their VR platform Daydream which should launch within “the coming weeks”. Talks also seem to hint at exclusive content arriving on the platform for the launch which, apparently, is costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Google is investing hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece in virtual-reality films and programs, part of a plan to line up exclusive content for the debut of its new Daydream service in the coming weeks, according to people familiar with the matter.

According to the report, Hulu alongside YouTubers like the Dolan twins and Justine Ezarik have been approached to produce exclusive content for Daydream which should launch on day one. This would make the most sense since to show off the platform the best and make a great impression on the public, plenty of content must be available from the start.

Google will help promote projects from Hulu LLC and fund the production of 360-degree videos with YouTube stars like the Dolan twins and Justine Ezarik, said the people, who asked not to be identified discussing private deals. The division of Alphabet Inc. has also partnered with video-game producers and sports leagues to boost its biggest virtual-reality initiative.

Of course, to create content like this, the right equipment is necessary. However, the cost of the gear is pretty high, so a lot of companies and services have agreed to work with Google and YouTube to get the stuff they need and begin producing content.

Filmmakers working with Google must use a 16-camera rig optimized for the company’s Jump software platform for virtual-reality content. GoPro Inc. is making one, called Odyssey, priced at $15,000. Though a few elite VR filmmakers have either balked at the budgets or the requirement that they use Google’s camera, dozens of filmmakers have signed up to work with YouTube, the people said.

Bloomberg also notes in their report which apps will be releasing in the near future for use with Google’s Daydream alongside other platforms, including an MLB app which would presumably allow you to watch baseball games as if you were in the stadium.

YouTube will be one of dozens of apps available within Daydream, alongside HBO’s streaming service, Hulu and apps from sports leagues like the NBA and MLB. Google will co-market some of the programming. Though its projects won’t be exclusive to Daydream, Hulu will time the release of several pieces to the debut of Google’s platform.

Word on Google’s own hardware for use with Daydream is pretty sketchy at this point, as previous rumors have suggested that Google’s axed all plans for their own VR headset, w while others claim that the company is still cooking something up. Regardless, there should be plenty of headsets to use around the world the day Daydream is released to the public.

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Source: Bloomberg via 9to5Google