Report: Google Changed Allo and Duo’s Icons… Again

A new report by Android Police seems to leak two updated icons Google is assigning their upcoming apps Allo and Duo. The icons seem to show off a more illustrative manner of showing off which app is which when opposed to the older icon’s way of simply telling you which app is which via text found in the icons.


We’re not 100% sure these are the new logos Google will present Allo and Duo with (and neither is Android Police) as they a) haven’t been published to the Play Store yet and b) have only been leaked and discovered by Android Police. Nevertheless, the new icons seem to align a bit better with Google’s other app offerings as iconography is how the company usually shows off their various pieces of software (like the Hangouts logo or the icon for Google Docs).

Around two months ago, Google updated Allo and Duo’s logos with new colors, however didn’t give them a major cosmetic shift like they’re doing now. Before, the original logos were red and blue in that respective order (Allo – Duo), while the second versions were blue and white respectively. It’ll be interesting to see which set of icons Google decides on launching Allo and Duo with as this is the third set of logos the company has gone through now. I can pretty much guarantee the first set is out of the question, however I’m still on the fence about the second and third sets. Nonetheless, stay tuned to MBEDDED for the latest on this topic.

Source: Android Police