Report: Facebook is Developing it’s Own Camera App

Facebook, it seems, is always trying to get more people to be more active on their social network. They always want their users to share more and be more productive while also spending more time out of your day. And while most people already do that since scrolling through your news feed isn’t exactly snappy, the company is in talks of developing another tool to use to keep you away from any alternatives. As The Wall Street Journal says, Facebook is reportedly creating a new camera app which would allow users to share photos and cast live video easier than ever before.

This new app in question would allow a quicker method of sharing photos and videos to one’s timeline on Facebook. The current method via the official Facebook app isn’t exactly easy or quick, so a new regimen for doing so is always welcome. The company is also reportedly creating a new way of casting live video to one’s feed via the upcoming application. If it’s good enough, it could outperform the most popular video casting app Periscope, something that’s been used for many years, however since it’s owned by Twitter, it would make sense for FB to create their own and try to compete with it.

It’s not all gumdrops and roses for Facebook, however. Recent surveys have shown a significant drop in millennials actually using the social networking site and says that older folks are starting to get the hang of it and begin using it all the time. Think about this. Could you see grandma live casting how she prepares her cookies over, say, a 16 year old girl broadcasting a concert? I didn’t think so. And that’s where FB remains weak. They really need to make this new app attractive to the younger audience they once had. Otherwise, they’ll most likely fail and remain a place where your great aunts and uncles go and look at their old photos one of their high school friends shared.