Register for Google Allo Here

Google has opened pre-registrations for their upcoming messaging app Allo. By visiting the link below, you’ll be able to become one of the first people to try out the new app the day it becomes available.

Here’s a snippet of what Allo is from my full Google I/O 2016 report:

Allo is different then, say, Hangouts. Users can both communicate via texts, however since you have access to Google’s Assistant, you can get information from the web on the fly. Say your planning to go out later with your friend to that new Italian place on Market St: Google will automatically give you informaiton about that eatery and will let you make a reservation or give them a call right from the app. If you don’t know where to go, however, you can always just type, “@Google” then your search query. Google will return results about whatever kind of restaurant you searched for and let you send the data to your friend with whom you’re messaging. You can also ask Google questions using this method and have actual conversations with the search engine, all without ever leaving Allo. A separate conversation with Google is also possible.

Allo allows users to express themselves much better as well. When sending a picture, using Ink will allow you to add a little doodle to one of your photos without ever ruining the original. When you wanna get your point across a bit better (like if you’re really excited or wanna whisper something), you can use the new Whisper-Shout feature. After typing your message, by touching and holding on the send button, you can increase or decrease the actual size of your message, meaning how big you want the text to be. Sliding up with make your text bigger, while sliding down will make your text smaller. It’s that simple.

Smart replies are also present in Allo which allow you to quickly reply to a message via curated replies. What’s great about these smart replies is the fact that replies are created for photos as well. If your friend sends a pic of their cute dog, you’ll get a reply saying, “How cute!” or something similar.

While having a conversation with Google, you can also ask it to play a game with you. Simple mini games like a movie-style guess the emoji round are all accessible right from the chat thread. Just input your guesses or answers via text and you’re good to go.

If you’re planning a surprise party for your kid or friend who goes on your phone often, you can also use an Incognito chat thread with your fellow party planners so nothing gets spoiled. This works by automatically deleting texts sent after a period of time and when a thread is left. Security is also present amongst all threads, with strict encryption at both ends being active at all times.

We’ll let you know when registration opens up for Duo, Google’s new video calling application which coincides with Allo.

> Register for Google Allo here on Google Play