Podcasts for Google Play Music Are Coming Next Week

We all know Google has been working on bringing podcasts to Play Music, however they still have yet to formally announce that the integration is active. But if an NPR newsletter is of any indication, the company may be doing so next week.

According to the newsletter which was sent to subscribers too early, Monday, April 18th will be the launch date for Podcasts for Google Play Music. NPR’s been working with Google to make sure their public radio podcasts are available in the app alongside others even though this type of content isn’t technically music.

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Google will launch podcasts on Android and other platforms next Monday, April 18, inside of Google Play Music, a streaming service similar to Apple Music. Please note: this information is embargoed and should not be shared or promoted externally until Monday. NPR has worked with Google to ensure that public radio is represented in the Google Play environment. Learn moreabout adding your station’s podcasts to this new platform.

As you can see from the excerpt of the newsletter above, this information wasn’t supposed to be shared amongst readers until Monday. However, it looks like NPR’s newsletter management team has screwed up. Big time.


Uses of Google Play Music back in February were reporting that a podcasts interface was appearing on their devices which looks very similar to the rest of the app’s UI. For reference, here’s some screenshots that were collected:

As you can see, it’s not all that different when compared to the Music UI of Play Music, so expect this type of experience when the podcasts section of the app launches (hopefully) on Monday.

Source: Android Police