Palm Phone is Now Available By Itself for $199

When Palm launched its tiny Palm Phone last year on Verizon, you already needed to have a phone in order for it to work. That’s because the device acts as an extension to your main phone, giving you a less distractive experience while still letting you stay in touch. It’s basically a smartwatch in phone form, and it didn’t exactly get the best reviews.

Still, there are people who wished this miniature gadget was available as a standalone smartphone, and today, Palm is doing just that. It’ll remain exclusive to Verizon, but you will be able to buy the Palm Phone as your main device if you want.

Notably, this is a different version of the Palm Phone. If you already have a Palm Phone, you’ll need to trade it in for the standalone version.

To coincide with the launch, Palm will also be pushing out a software update to the Palm Phone which will supposedly improve camera and battery performance. Considering just how bad these two factors of the phone ruled out to be, it’ll be interesting to see if the new software actually makes a difference.

For a limited time, Palm will be charging just $199 for the phone which is $150 less than its normal $349 price tag. You’ll have until the end of April to take advantage of the sale. Of course, the companion version of the Palm Phone will still be sold.