OnePlus will reportedly include an IP68 certification with its next phones

A report out of 9to5Google claims OnePlus will begin shipping its phones with proper IP ratings instead of just telling everyone “yeah, you can drop them in buckets of water and they’ll be fine.” To be more specific, Max J, a relatively well-known leaker on Twitter, told the publication that OnePlus is looking to ship the OnePlus 8 series IP68 certified. It isn’t clear if all OnePlus 8 phones will come with the rating, but it’s highly likely that it’ll at least accompany the OnePlus 8 Pro.

All major flagship phones come with IP ratings. It’s a way to ensure consumers that the device they buy can survive liquids for a certain amount of time. It’s basically a quality reassurance in order to ease users’ worries. OnePlus has said in the past it’s silly to invest in an IP rating since it’ll just jack up the price of its phones, but if it costs a couple dollars more to be confident in knowing your phone will be okay if you drop it in the pool, I don’t think anybody will mind.