OnePlus Will Release Screen Recorder and Zen Mode for Older Phones

OnePlus recently announced the new OnePlus 7 Pro which comes with a couple of welcome features: a built-in screen recorder and Zen Mode. The former is pretty self-explanatory, but the latter deserves some detail. Essentially, it blocks you out of your phone if you want some downtime during the day. Flicking the mode on will lock you out for 20 minutes, with no way of interrupting the countdown early.

These features are so heavily desired by users that some OnePlus phone owners have extracted the necessary APKs from the OnePlus 7 Pro software and installed them on older devices. OnePlus recognized that its users were doing this, so in response, the company has confirmed that will bring both features to older phones.

Specifically, OnePlus says both Screen Recorder and Zen Mode will soon be available on the OnePlus 6T, 6, 5T, and 5. A new beta for the OnePlus 6T and 6 will be released next week with the features onboard, while the company says it’s still working on official support for the OnePlus 5 series. Notably, OnePlus doesn’t recommend installing the APKs that are floating around since full support for them on older devices hasn’t been released.

It’s unclear if the OnePlus 3 or 3T will get the features, but we’ll let you know if they do.