OnePlus Unveils Bullets Wireless Headphones for Just $69

During its event for the OnePlus 6, OnePlus unveiled a new set of earbuds called the Bullets Wireless. The headphones succeed the company’s previous two sets of wired Bullets and aim to provide a better overall experience for users.

The new Bullets Wireless come with magnetic earbuds so when they’re connected, they automatically shut off. When you pull them apart, they turn on and connect to your smartphone using a quick pairing technology those familiar with Google’s Pixel Buds will recognize. They come with extra wing tips to fit your ears and are promoted to be worn around your neck until you use them. I’m not sure how many people will do this, but hey, tech fashion amirite?

As for sound, the Bullets Wireless use Qualcomm’s aptX technology to deliver better overall quality over Bluetooth. We’ll obviously have to test them in the real world in order to truly know how good they sound. But at least for the time being, they seem pretty promising.

They also include fast charging. OnePlus is taking its technology that’s previously been exclusive to phones and bringing it to the new Bullets Wireless. According to the company, by plugging in any USB-C cable, you can achieve five hours of usage in just ten minutes which is seriously impressive. Again, only real-world testing will determine whether this is true, but I have my hopes up.


Possibly the best part of the Bullets Wireless is how much they cost. OnePlus will only be charging $69 for them which is seriously low, especially when you consider how expensive other offerings like the Pixel Buds or Apple’s AirPods are.

The Bullets Wireless will land this June.