OnePlus Unveils Bullets Wireless 2 with Better Bass and Clearer Sound

Today during its event, OnePlus unveiled its new Bullets Wireless 2 headphones. The successors to last year’s Bullets Wireless, the new buds aim to improve the sound quality and feature set while keeping the price down.

For starters, the new Bullets Wireless 2 have a tweaked design. They aren’t too much different compared to the original Bullets, but they don’t come with wingtips any longer. They do, however, still magnetically clasp together to automatically shut down and pause music.

Under the hood, OnePlus includes Bluetooth 5 compatibility along with AptX HD tech. The company also tweaked the construction of the sound production for a more soothing bass and richer sound profile. In addition, the headphones can quickly pair between various devices, access Google Assistant with ease, and store nicely in an included case.

Probably the most impressive part about the Bullets Wireless 2, however, is the battery. OnePlus says on a full charge, you can get 14 hours of playback time. Meanwhile, a 10-minute charge can achieve 10 hours of playback. This is all thanks to OnePlus’ Warp Charging tech that’s now included with the Bullets. Over USB-C, you can quickly charge your headphones with ease. It definitely sounds like I’m advertising for the Bullets (which I’m not), but they rightfully deserve the respect they’re getting because of their impressive feature set.

Another high point of the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2: the price. The new headphones cost just $99, $30 more than the original Bullets. For the price, the earbuds definitely offer plenty of back for your buck.

OnePlus says the new Bullets Wireless 2 will go on sale this Friday.