OnePlus Bullets Wireless Review: How Are These Things $69?

I don’t know how OnePlus charges $69 for the Bullets Wireless headphones. They support aptX, they’re comfortable, they last for a good while on a single charge, and they automatically connect to your phone. I mean, honestly, these are features you hear about in earbuds that cost $40 or $50 more than these ones. But somehow, OnePlus has managed to drive down costs enough so you can actually afford them. Which is awesome.


A little disclosure: I was given a pair of the Bullets Wireless at the OnePlus 6T as a gift for attending. But I’ve been itching to get my hands on a pair of them for review anyway so it was nice to see them in my gift bag.

The day after the event, I opened them up to see what all the ruckus was about. And I have to say, I’m seriously impressed (y’know, in case you couldn’t tell by my introduction). The box that the earphones come in includes extra ear tips and wings for the right fit, but I just use the pre-installed ones since they fit my ears just fine.

Inserting the Bullets Wireless into my ears, I could immediately tell they’re really comfy. The wing tips can cause a bit of discomfort, but nothing I can’t handle especially when considering everything else that makes these headphones great. Certainly, these headphones are manageable for extended listening periods.

After putting the Bullets Wireless on, all I had to do was whip out my phone and connect to them over Bluetooth; I didn’t have to manually turn them on. Why? Because the magnetic connection between the earbuds can turn them on or off, depending on whether you separate them or connect them. So when you wanna listen to music, just disconnect the two buds. And when you’re done, reconnect them. That’s it.

Plus, if you keep your device’s Bluetooth turned on, the next time disconnect your earbuds from each other, they’ll automatically connect to your gadget so you can immediately start jamming out. This has to be one of my favorite features of the headphones, by far.


Once they were connected to my phone, I loaded up Spotify, and the first song I had to play was Wu-Tang Forever by Logic and the entire Wu-Tang Clan. The drums in the background mixed with the high-hats were the perfect way to test these earbuds and see what kind of soundstage we were dealing with. And honestly, I was simply astonished.

Admittedly, I’m no audiophile. In fact, I don’t even necessarily have a right to properly review headphones. But while I was listening to Wu-Tang Forever, I knew I had to write about these because of just how good they sound.


To the average person, you’re going to have zero problems with these buds. The bass is clear and makes itself present regardless of what type of music you listen to, while the highs and mids all come off clear and crisp. I will admit, I did notice the mids could be a bit more present since the overall listening experience felt a bit empty. But there was no denying the listening experience you get out of these headphones is, overall, lively and fun.

This is all thanks to both the work OnePlus poured into making the Bullets Wireless and the headphones’ support for aptX audio. This further improves the audio experience, especially when utilizing Bluetooth 5.0 on a compatible smartphone and opting to use the aptX codec. overall, no matter what type of listener you are, you shouldn’t have a problem with sound quality whatsoever.

As far as noise isolation goes, the Bullets Wireless do a really decent job at blocking outside sound. I can’t say I was completely isolated by the outside world, but I was isolated enough that the noise I did hear wasn’t bothersome and still enough to hear someone call my name if they needed me.

To touch a bit more on comfort, OnePlus used aluminum to construct the Bullets Wireless, resulting in a lightweight form factor that’s perfect for extended listening sessions. The wire that hangs down from each bud is also very light and doesn’t cause any distraction around your neck.

Along the wire, you’ll find both a compartment for the battery to live and a remote with volume and playback controls, These work fine. They can also summon the Google Assistant or even Siri by holding down the middle button. Voice commands also work to summon either assistant. So whether you’re on Android or iOS, these headphones should serve to be pretty convenient to use.

For battery life, OnePlus says the Bullets Wireless can last up to 8 hours on a full charge. During my usage over the past week, they definitely lasted me 6 to 7 hours of listening, but I have yet to reach the 8-hour market. Still, though, for $69, I can forgive the lack of an extra hour of listening time.

Recharging the Bullets Wireless is also a pleasure. They feature a USB-C port that, when utilizing the in-box OnePlus cable, can supply 5 hours of usage after just 10 minutes of charging time. It also doesn’t take very long for a full charge, with the headphones going from zero to 100 percent in around an hour or so using a standard 5W Apple-branded power brick.


Finally, the Bullets Wireless also come with a silicon pouch in the box for storage. I’m not the biggest fan of this solution since you have to find different, awkward ways to fit the buds every time you put them away, but it’s good enough if you’re traveling and don’t want your earbuds to get ruined.

Overall, the Bullets Wireless have done nothing short of impress me. Personally, for the quality listening experience you get and comfortability aided by the simplistic and lightweight design, I’d have no problem spending $120 on these. And since they cost just $69, they seem like a no-brainer if you want a pair of wireless earbuds and don’t feel like selling your soul. And even if they cost $50 more, I’d still recommend them as great, cheap, wireless headphones.


Maybe these are your first wireless buds. Maybe they’re something to replace your aging earbuds that came free with your phone. Heck, maybe you just need something to travel with. No matter the reason why you’re looking to pick up new wireless headphones, the Bullets Wireless should definitely be considered. And at $69, they’re an absolute steal.

Rating: 9/10