OnePlus 7T Design Unveiled Ahead of Official Launch

Rumor cycles surrounding smartphones this year have been treacherous for companies trying to keep surprises to themselves. The newest iPhone, the Galaxy S10 and Note 10, and Google Pixel 4 have been some of the most leaked devices of the entire year, and it doesn’t look like the rumor mill will be coming to a halt anytime soon.

Companies are starting to acknowledge the sheer amount of leaks that occur before they announce new products, however. Google is a perfect example of that. They haven’t even formally introduced the Pixel 4 yet, but they straight-up tweeted a picture of it five months before their product event. Now, OnePlus is taking a similar approach to combat leaks surrounding their new OnePlus 7T series by – you guessed it! – straight-up publishing photos of its upcoming phone.

As you can see, this is our first look at the OnePlus 7T. Obviously, it looks incredibly similar to the OnePlus 7 Pro from earlier this year thanks to that gradient-style blue finish. But there is a pretty polarizing distinction, and that’s the camera bulge.

2019 must be the year of weird camera bumps. the iPhone 11 Pro and Pixel 4 both sport square camera humps in their top left-hand corners. Meanwhile, OnePlus will be placing its three rear cameras in a circular housing on the 7T that’s way bigger than what the 7 Pro had. I’m not sure there’s a benefit to this other than a “cooler” look, but you won’t be staring at the back of your phone that often anyway if you hate it.

The renders don’t give us a look at the front of the phone, but I’d bargain it looks just like the 7 Pro with very minimal bezels.

OnePlus will unveil the 7T series on September 26th. That’s when we’ll earn every spec and design detail regarding the phone. I’ll have plenty of coverage next week on this phone, so be sure to keep it locked to Matridox.