On Day One, You Can’t Buy the 128GB Pixel XL from Verizon

Today’s the official launch date of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, two smartphones that were announced at the beginning of this month by (you guessed it!) Google. Surely, many of you have been planning to pick either model up today to hopefully replace that phone you just can’t stand any longer, but if your initial idea was to walk into your local Verizon store and grab the 128GB Pixel XL, you’re gonna have to change your mind.

According to a tweet by Jeffery Nelson, a member of Verizon’s communications team, the Pixel XL with 128GB of storage is completely out of stock and isn’t known when it’s return will be. However, you can still get the Pixel XL in 32GB of storage or the standard Pixel in 32 or 128GB.

For some, this may be the thing that completely changes their mind about picking up the Pixel. Obviously, there’s plenty of people who tend to gravitate toward phones with bigger screens and more storage (for example someone who leads a busy lifestyle like myself), so by not having the 128GB Pixel XL available at launch at one of the biggest US carriers is a pretty major problem. Of course, you can always just opt for the 32GB option or “downgrade” to the standard Pixel with 128GB of space, but most people with plans to get the XL on Verizon with the most storage possible will probably wait until the model actually becomes available again.

In a follow-up tweet, Nelson notes that you can still order the Pixel XL with 128GB of storage from Verizon, but the only problem is you’ll likely have to wait a while to get the phone. In addition, if you’d like to see what the phones look like in person before you order, Nelson says customers can order their Pixel in a retail store that carries the handsets.

Whether you were planning on picking up a Pixel today or not, it looks like those of you who want a 128GB XL from Verizon will be out of luck for quite some time. We’ll let you know when the model goes back on sale.