On April 20th, the Moon Will Not Turn Green

There’s been a rumor swirling the internet that on April 20th, Uranus will interact with the moon and make it appear that it’s glowing green. The cause would be due to the planet being an ice giant with methane gas giving it a blue-ish-green look, and when it interacted with our moon in just the right way, we’d have a green glowing ball floating in our night sky. However, this rumor has been proven false, so feel free to scratch out that date you made on your calendar with your green Sharpie.

So why would a rumor like this even start? Well, for starters, the original first post about the rumored “green moon” was traced back to March 25th by Snopes who has an entire dedicated website to debunking strange and unusual rumors. They found that the post appeared on Facebook, featured an altered photo of the moon, and had the caption “Save the date – May 29th, 2016. Green moon visible for first time since 1847.” Since that time, the date has evolved to April 20th, which is also 4/20 or, in slang, “420”, a date when people (apparently) like to celebrate marijuana. Weird, right? Plus, the rumor also suggests that it’s been 420 years since the last “green moon”, so incase you can’t do math, that year was supposedly 1847, at least according to CNET.

I’m really glad there won’t be a green moon, because if there were to be, I’d think the world was ending. Huh, speaking of which, remember when everyone thought last September there’d be a huge asteroid that would bring it the apocalypse? If you don’t remember, you can read about it over on CNET. Essentially, everyone believed this and went into a panic, however NASA stepped up and confirmed that there was no meteor headed it’s way to bring the end of the world. But if you think that explanation is fake, check if you’re still alive by pinching yourself. That way, you can be assured that you’re still in the same body you’ve been in for the last how ever many years of your life.

You’re welcome.