‘OK Google’ Detection Now Rolling Out to Android Auto Users

One of the biggest conveniences of modern technologies is voice control. From Siri to Cortana to the Google Assistant, many companies have built their own interpretation of a voice assistant to make using devices ranging from a smartphone to a smart home appliance as simple and seamless as possible without even having to use your hands.

One place where a voice assistant is likely a necessity is your car as, if you’re a normal person, you’ve got both hands on the steering wheel and two eyes on the road. For this reason, Apple uses Siri for their CarPlay software that comes pre-installed on a select number of vehicles. However, those who use Google’s automobile software called Android Auto have been left out in the cold when it comes to a feature like this. Fortunately, it looks like Android users are getting an upgrade as Google has confirmed “OK Google” detection is now rolling out to all Android Auto-enabled vehicles.

Using the new software, users can simply say “OK Google” and get weather information, current traffic conditions, skip, pause, and play music, and more all with just their voice. This will surely come in handy while one is driving and can’t get to their touch screen for fear of safety.

It’s worth noting that Google says the update will take a little while to reach everyone, but most users should have it soon enough.

For those who are a bit too anxious to use “OK Google” via Android Auto, I recommend trying out the new Android Auto interface available in the official Android app that began rolling out last month. This way, if you have “OK Google” detection turned on, you can use both features at the same time. Of course, this isn’t the most seamless and convenient way of using the feature, but it’s close enough for now.