Official: US Government Formally Recalling All Galaxy Note 7s

After lots of speculation surrounding Samsung’s recent recall, today the US government made it official for buyers to begin returning or exchanging their Galaxy Note 7s before they get hurt. The reason I say that is the reason there’s a recall in the first place: these things are exploding. Literally.

Here’s a clearer picture in case you missed it within the past week or so: Galaxy Note 7 units across the globe have begun overheating while charging which causes the battery to potentially erupt into flames – in other words, explode. So far, there’s been 92 cases submitted to the Samsung which all share this same problem which is, no doubt, affecting plenty of smartphone buyers nowadays. Of course, not everyone has shared that their Note 7 has exploded, so 92 is the bare minimum of what the actual number is US-based wise.

All Note 7s sold before September 15th are the units which the government is recalling, while September 21st seems to be the date when Samsung will begin sending out updated models of the device to those of you who exchange your phone. These new phones will include a blue “S” on the box to indicate they’re the repaired models and shouldn’t explode like these ones. If you wanna see if you’re Note 7 is eligible for an exchange, follow the directions below.

To determine if your phone has been recalled, locate the IMEI number on the back of the phone or the packaging, and enter the IMEI number into the online registration site or call Samsung toll-free at 844-365-6197.

This isn’t the first time the Consumer Product Safety Commission has acknowledge the Galaxy Note 7 and it’s problem. Just last week, the government said users should stop charging and using their Note 7s and send them back to Samsung in order to avoid any explosions or serious problems. Whether this warning worked or not is beyond me, however I doubt it since it’s been reported that only 13% of Note 7s sold in the US have been returned, and that’s out of over 1,000,000 units.

Hopefully, this recall will finally convince users of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 to return their unit to avoid any unfortunate happenings in the future. If you’d like some more information on the US government’s recall, click here.