NVIDIA Shield Tablet Now Getting Marshmallow, K1 Update Features Stylus Support and Bug Fixes

NVIDIA has begun to roll out Android Marshmallow to the original NVIDIA Shield Tablet. This comes just over a month after the company begun to roll out version 6.0 of the mobile operating system to the Tablet K1, which, coincidentally, is also getting an update today.


This update for SHIELD Tablet upgrades the Operating System to Android version 6.0


  • New UI inspired by Material Design, improved burst photo functionality
  • Adds new real-time HD Image Effects

Now on Tap

  • Quickly find information related to what you are seeing on the screen, also from inside an app

New Adoptable Storage

  • MicroSD cards can be integrated with main internal storage, auto managed by system

User Interface Upgrades

  • Personalize Home & Lock screens with different wallpapers, new NVIDIA wallpapersPersonalize Quick Settings menu, add/remove, rearrange togglesGoogle Now voice commands can be launched from lock screen

Improved App Permissions

  • Permissions are now managed centrally

Power Consumption

  • App Standby power improvements
  • New App Optimization feature
  • Improved BT Low Energy scanning power efficiency

System wide improvements including

  • Monitor Memory Usage with detailed usage of each app
  • Improvements to WiFi Connectivity
  • Optimized preloaded apps
  • Update to Android 6.0 Security Patch Level January 2016


  • In Android 6.0 there are changes to how expanded storage works. After this upgrade, there will be 2 ways to setup the MicroSD card, please read carefully:Portable Storage: This option will not delete data from the SD card.Internal Storage: This option wipes all data from the SD card. If you are currently storing data the SD card, please make sure it is first backed up
  • NVIDIA recommends to back up the MicroSD card prior to downloading this update

In addition to the Shield Tablet’s upgrade to Marshmallow, NVIDIA has also begun to roll out an update to the Tablet K1, the recently-released refresh of the Shield Tablet, which includes multiple bug fixes and January’s security patch.

This update for SHIELD tablet K1 contains important system enhancements & bug fixes, including:

  • Optimized behavior of legacy apps that lead to instances of increased power consumption
  • Improvements to Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Fixed crashes in Performance, Power, and Display settings
  • Fixed crashes in Gamepad Mapper
  • Fixed Doom 3 not launching
  • Added back SHIELD controller touch pad functionality
  • Added support for Stylus Lasso Capture functionality
  • Update to Android 6.0 Security Patch Level January 2016
  • Fixes to App Optimization feature


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