Numerous Google Pixel Cases Up For Sale Online

As if the hype surrounding Google’s upcoming 2016 smartphones isn’t massive enough, let me fuel the fire a bit. Over on Amazon and even, we’ve discovered that case manufacturers are already selling cases for the Pixel and Pixel XL handsets that, by the way, aren’t scheduled to debut for another eight days. Prices ranging from about $5.99 and up are assigned to these cases, while simple plastic add-ons to ultra-protective options for both the standard Pixel and upgrade XL model are all listed.

As you can see in the screenshots above, a pretty wide variety of cases are currently available for purchase on Amazon and for your Pixel or Pixel XL. Likely the most interesting factor playing within this discovery is that most of these accessories aren’t available for just preorder, but actual full-fledged order. Therefore, we don’t really get a time table of any sorts for when these phones will come out, but we do know they’ll probably look like all the recent renders and leaks suggest.

If you take a look at some of the clear cases seen above, you’ll notice an aluminum body with a glass panel mounted to the top of the rear of the Pixels. This is to transmit radio signals as they can’t pass through aluminum. Coincidentally (or not so), these design factors are the same as what we’ve seen from renders of the phones alongside actual images of what the handsets look like in real life. In addition, the fingerprint sensor is mounted to the back while a Google ‘G’ logo sits at the bottom-rear. All in all, every design element featured in these renderings of what the cases will look like on the Google Pixels match those of leaked renders and images. Obviously, we can’t say whether case companies just used the renderings already leaked or if they came up with their own based on Google’s design guidelines for accessory makers, but for now, that’s anyone’s debate.

If you’d like to check out more Google Pixel cases or if you wanna get yours early, click here to visit Amazon and here for