Notice: Our Donations Button Has Been Fixed

We’ve been noticing that users have been clicking on our Donations button, and we’re very flattered. However, we’ve begun to receive emails regarding the Donations button, with most of them stating that the button’s link was broken and they failed to send us a generous donation. We would just like to inform you that the link has been repaired and it has now been customized to better suite MBEDDED. You see, I, Max Buondonno, own a couple of services, with one being MBEDDED and the other a side job known as Pixel Guy which is where I help seniors with their computers. I have been using PayPal for Pixel Guy so my customers can pay me properly, but this may have come off as misdirecting to some people, so now, when you click on our Donations button, it’ll take you right to PayPal where you’ll see my email address ( and our site name (MBEDDED Maximum), so you know that your generous donations are going straight to us and not someone you’ve never heard of.

We just wanted to inform everyone of the repair job we just completed. WE’d love for whomever reads this to send us a donation as it will help to keep MBEDDED growing and become a fantastic tech website. With your help, we’ll soon outperform sites such as CNET and The Verge.

We’d like to thank everyone who donates as it helps a whole lot!

You can donate to MBEDDED by clicking the “Donate” button below.