Nike’s Crazy Self-Tying Shoes Are Coming to the Market in November

Last year to celebrate Back to the Future Day, Nike sent over a pair of self-tying shoes designed just like the ones featured in the film Back to the Future Part II to none other than Michael J. Fox to test out. Unsurprisingly, they worked just as well as they did in the movie and were equally as cool, but the fact that it was real life made them seem even cooler. After the shoes make it to Fox’s feet, Nike announced five months later a more consumer-oriented version of the high-tech footwear that would/could eventually hit the market. Now, according to a tweet by Nike’s Heidi Burgett, these shoes known as the HyperAdapt 1.0 will be available for “experience and purchase” in November.



According to the tweet, November 28th will be the exact date when you can go and try out the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0’s for yourself alongside pick up a pair. However, it’s unclear just how much they’ll cost, but it’s expected that these puppies will carry a high price tag.

As per a snippet from an article over on The Verge (via WIRED), Nike’s self-tying shoes really carry a lot of tech inside with plenty of stellar features to make your feet extra flashy.

Each shoe has an internal cable system made from fishing line and a pressure sensor in the sole. When you put your foot in, the cables tighten based on “an algorithmic pressure equation,” and this fit can be adjusted throughout the day with a pair of buttons near the tongue.

LEDs in the heel light up when the shoes are tightening and when it’s on low battery, and all the internal electronics mean that yes, you do have to charge these shoes. It takes three hours for a full charge and each charge last about two weeks, with Nike providing a magnetic clip-on charger similar to that used by Apple for the Apple Watch. It’s also worth noting that the thick nylon laces you see on the top of the sneaker are just “visual aids” — they tighten, but they’re not what’s keeping the shoe hugged to your foot.

You can also watch this video from WIRED’s feature on the shoes.

We’ll let you know if more information about the new sneakers by Nike surfaces like which Nike locations will be selling the shoes and how much they actually cost.