Newton Mail App Now Lets You Stay on Top of Emails Easier

Newton, a popular mail application available for a variety of platforms, today introduced Recap. It’s a new feature that lives in a tab at the bottom of the UI which filters out emails in your inbox and lets you know which ones you may want to reply to or take action on. It’s currently rolling out to users on iOS, Android, Windows 10, and macOS.

Recap is pretty simple. If you received an email a few days ago and is awaiting a response from you, the feature will list the email and suggest you send over a reply. In the same way, if you reply to an email but don’t hear a response back in a few days, the app will suggest following back up. It’s even smart enough to identify questions within emails you may need to answer.

The company behind Newton’s new Recap feature details it further in a blog post.

Every morning, the new Recap section in the app will show a blue dot whenever there is something that needs your attention. You can swipe to dismiss the mails if you are on top of them already, or push them aside to come back later. Recap will only show the most relevant conversations that you need to look at on a given day. They go away automatically when you deal with them, or after a few days so that you don’t have another list of clutter to manage. You can also choose to get notified if you have mails to recap.

In addition, as of today, Newton’s original introductory price of $49/year is going away. Now, new subscribers will be charged $9.99/month. For those already paying $50 a year for access to the app, don’t worry: you’re grandfathered in and will continue paying your yearly bill as long as you stay subscribed and have auto-renewal on.

You can download the latest version of Newton from your device’s app store.