New Report Details Apple’s Next-Gen MacBook Air and Mac Mini

Apple is expected to unveil a whole bunch of new devices later this year, beginning with the next lineup of iPhones. Now, a new report out of Bloomberg is detailing what we can expect from two other new devices that have been a long time coming: the new MacBook Air and Mac Mini.

In the report, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman and Debby Wu detail the new MacBook Air by saying the device, according to people familiar with Apple’s plans, will come with slimmer bezels than what surrounds the current Air’s screen. Speaking of which, the display on the new model will feature a Retina panel with a much higher resolution than it does now. It isn’t clear what that resolution is, but the panel is said to size up around 13-inches. Additionally, the laptop will look like the current generation Air.

As for the Mac Mini, Bloomberg says the newer model will come with upgraded storage and processor options. The report notes Apple’s focus to provide an upgrade for loyal customers who use Mac Minis for things like running home media centers, coding apps, and hosting server farms. It’s not clear how much it’ll cost or what it’ll look like, but I would assume it’ll still be a silver box that starts somewhere around $500.

It remains unclear as to whether Apple will introduce these new devices during its September event or if they’ll wait until October when it normally unveils new devices in the Mac category. Of course, we’ll keep you updated on any further developments.