New Report Claims to Have Leaked the Specs of Upcoming 4-inch iPhone 6c

A new report by Chinese blog MyDrivers claims to have exclusive details about Apple’s upcoming iPhone “6c”. In the report, there are claims that they have more specs about the upcoming handset provided by who they call reliable supply chain sources. These specs include:

  • 1642mAh battery, which is notably bigger than the iPhone 5c’s battery (1507 mAh)
  • A9 processor (the same one found in the iPhone 6s/Plus
  • 16GB of storage
  • Touch ID
  • 2GB of RAM


Most of these specs have basically been backed up by this report, as earlier rumors have claimed that things like an A9 processor and Touch ID will make their way to the next 4-inch iPhone. But the most interesting rumor listed here is the battery size. Apple is always pretty tight-lipped about the exact size of the batteries built into their devices, so leaks like this are always pretty rare. You can either take this with a grain of salt or solely to heart, whichever you’re comfortable with.

If Apple does plan on releasing this rumored 4-inch iPhone “6c” (or whatever they decide to call it), it could well be announced at the company’s next keynote, which, according to reports, is scheduled for March 2016. Alongside the 4-inch iPhone announcement, they could also announce the sequel to their first wearable, the Apple Watch 2.