New Render Shows Off Windows 10-Powered Dell Stack and It’s Dock

Over the course of about a week, we’ve seen plenty of information leak about Dell’s could’ve-been tablet/smartphone hybrid reportedly internally called Stack. This device is said to run full Windows 10 on a 6.4- to 7-inch display, feature a laptop-class processor from Intel, weigh in at under 9mm thick, and work with Microsoft’s Continuum to bring a unified computing experience across your laptop, tablet, and desktop. But in order for that last feature to work, one would have to use some type of dock, right? Right. Now, we’ve got our first look of a render of said dock (thanks to Evan Blass on Twitter) which also shows off the profile of Stack and just how thin Dell envisioned it.

As you can see, the dock for Stack looks relatively compact. In fact, it’s one of the smaller docks we’ve seen for phones using Continuum. And clearly, you can only see one power cable running down the back, so a minimalist approach with this accessory must’ve been taken.

While we can’t see the back of the dock, it’s probably safe to say that some type of USB IO can be found back there for, say, an external keyboard or mouse. You’d also need a port for a monitor in order to use Continuum, so there’s gotta be something like an HDMI jack back there.

I should probably take a second here to mention something: we’re assuming this is the dock for Continuum for use with Stack. There’s a possibility that this dock is only meant to stand the device up while it charges (which would explain the lonely power strip in the back), so take this information with a grain of salt. Still, it’s interesting to see just how much information is being leaked about this device.

If any new insight is gained, we’ll let you know.